Hi, I’m Evelyn Budd and I can help you on the journey to becoming an Indie (Independent) Publisher, taking you from concept to bookshelf to successful author/publisher. You will be working with experienced writers, editors, printers, marketing gurus to publish quality books and ebooks as well as to get to tap into online stores like Amazon. Your publishing experience will be worry free as well as affordable. Check out the testimonials and click here to see some of our results of recent authors. As an Independent Publisher you, the author, retains all creative, legal, and financial rights of the book and is why most established authors go this route.

Get Started

Whether you have a book in your head or one that’s committed to paper, a half-hour phone session with assist you in learning the steps involved. To arrange a chat, e-mail me at Tell me what stage you are with your manuscript and the goals you have for your books and ebooks.


Meet Me Before I Meet You

I have been a registered graphic designer since 2003 and a certified coach with extensive experience in custom and creative design, branding and marketing of books. My joy/specialty is in creating covers that will make your book stand out and connect with buyers. Click here to see some of the covers I have designed. Click here to see more background info.