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BEST PRACTICES FOR SELF-PUBLISHING:  Saturday, December 9th, 2017, 1 to 4 p.m.

Early bird price $147.00 (+hst)  / $197.00(+hst) after November 25th


Publishing has changed! Call or email if interested in learning the latest opportunities to publish, market and distribute your book/ebook. 

Evelyn Budd, book mentor and registered graphic designer specializing in book covers, interiors and marketing will be presenting the course.


  • Workbook that includes detailed information on the topics listed below.
  • Interactive and brainstorming for best options for your book.
  • Learn the various and latest options in successfully publishing your book and ebook.
  • Limited to a small group of 3 people so that the workshop is focused on YOU and your book and what YOU need to know to move forward.

Workbook includes:

  • Pros and cons of getting published and self-publishing
  • Getting started (and how to keep going)
  • Ways to test your ideas
  • Organizing your content
  • Embracing your deadline
  • Telling your stories
  • What makes a great title
  • Choosing your editor
  • Choosing the right photos and illustrations
  • Guidelines of copyright & getting permission
  • What you can do if someone else is using your material
  • Obtaining an ISBN: why? and how?
  • The “Cataloguing in Publication” information for your copyright page
  • Where to get a free barcode
  • Critical elements of a book cover
  • Creating a book spine
  • Back cover — it’s all about marketing
  • Interior book design elements
  • Domains and Websites—you can do yourself
  • Newsletters/ezines pros and cons
  • Social media overview
  • Face to Face Networking and Speaking about your book
  • Printing basics and the new Publishing on Demand printing
  • Ebooks and pdfs
  • Creating a press release
  • Setting up the Big Launch
  • The distribution of your book


For more information or to register please email I will email you an invoice, a secure payment link and answer questions you may have. Total with tax is $154.35.

For information on what to expect from a Registered Graphic Designer visit RGD Ontario .


Syd Gravel "56 Seconds"As a first time author I got started by attending Evelyn’s one-day workshop. The whole book publishing process went off without a hitch. I can’t believe how well my book is getting received and the speaking offers that are now coming. The book is required reading at Mohawk College and available at all Canadian college bookstores. I would recommend Evelyn’s workshop and book design services to anyone who wants a publishing jumpstart and professional quality books and ebooks.  Sylvio (Syd) A Gravel, M.O.M., Author of “56 Seconds, ”How to Survive PTSD” and “Workplace Diversity”.